INSTRUCTIONS - Ninja Remote 2: Weaponized

There is a thin transparent protective plastic seal covering the keypads on both sides of the remote. Use a knife and working from an edge, pull off the seal.

Insert 3 new (non-rechargeable) AAA batteries. The middle battery's positive (+) terminal (end with stub on it) points toward the remote keys. Press LASER button (located on side), red LED should be lit. If not, batteries are inserted incorrectly or are dead.

There are two ways to program the remote:

Using POWER button - Turn TV ON (TV can be off, but not as easy). Point remote at TV. Press and hold POWER (the red button) until the TV turns off. Quickly release POWER.

Using MUTE button The MUTE button is located on the side of the remote. Turn TV ON. Point remote at TV. Press and hold MUTE until the TV mutes. Quickly release MUTE. Press VOL to restore volume.

If you released the button (POWER or MUTE depending on above) then the TV should be ready to use. The remote will automatically save this programmed TV to one of the TV buttons. It will save the first programmed TV to the first TV button. If you program again (this or another TV) the TV will be saved to the second button. The third time you program it will be saved to the third button. It will then repeat this pattern for subsequent programs. The last three programmed TV's are saved. To use one of the last three previously programmed TV's, simply press a TV button. And now the remote will work for that TV. If it doesn't work, then try the other TV buttons one at a time.

These are the three TV buttons: 

- The remote will run through codes to try to POWER or MUTE the TV. You must release the POWER or MUTE button quickly after the selected operation above happens. For certain TV models, such as Samsung they have similar but not exactly the same codes for each model. Therefore, the TV will POWER or MUTE but the other keys won't work. The best way to program a Samsung is to turn the TV on and use the POWER button programming method. You can also wait a little longer and let it toggle (POWER or MUTE) an additional time or more then release quickly.

The BOMB button is the center red button with an image of a round bomb. After programming a TV, point remote at TV and press the BOMB button once. The TV will now change channels, volume, etc slowly over time. Duration of bombing is a random time between 8-15 minutes. It will look like a human is doing it. Press any number key on the remote to stop bombing.

- Hide the remote, make sure to have a line of sight to the TV. Press the BOMB button and leave the room. Shenanigans will ensue.

The JAM button is the orange button with the three lightning bolts. The JAM will prevent other remotes from controlling the TV. The TV does not need to be programmed to jam. Point at TV and press the JAM button once. Now, remotes trying to control TV will will not work! Jamming will automatically stop after 15 minutes. Press any number on the remote to stop jamming. Jamming is power intensive. Jamming must occur at less than the maximum range distance.

- When the bar keep decides his selections are better than yours, activate the Ninja Remote 2: Weaponized.

The DSLR (Digital SLR) button is the yellow shutter button. After being programmed this button acts as a remote shutter for your digital camera. Your camera must be able to accept a remote. You must enable remote use within the camera. Typically, to enable a remote it's function is located in the same area as the camera timer. See your cameras operating manual.

Enable the remote setting on your digital camera. Program the remote by pointing the remote at the camera and press the POWER button (solid red button) and the DSLR button at the same time and release. The red light will stay on to indicate you have entered programming mode. Press the DSLR button to try the current camera code. If the shutter on the camera takes a picture, then you can press any number key to stop programming. Now, the DSLR button will be a remote shutter. If the camera does not take a picture, keep pressing the DSLR button one at a time while pointing at the camera. Press a number key when the camera takes a picture to save this camera and end programming.

Here are the codes in order. The default code is Nikon.

1) Nikon
2) Canon (RC1-RC3)
3) Canon (RC4-RC5)
4) Sony
5) Olympus
6) Pentax / Samsung
7) Minolta/Konica
8) Kyocera/Yashica
9) Fujifilm
10) Ricoh

- You must have a line of sight from remote to TV. Remote will not work through walls.

- The laboratory range is between 200-400 feet. Sunlight, and lights can reduce range of remote.

- The red light is a light and activity indicator. Remote codes are sent via infrared and are not visible to the human eye.

- Infrared light may show up in video. To test if your remote works you could take a video with your phone and note if light is emitting.

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