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A mystical group began studying Nonuse, or as we say in the western world, the art of stealth circa 522 A.D. This art was practiced by Japanese priests who studied mythical practices and were subserviant to the ruling class.

Then nearly 150 years later, in 645 A.D. the priests perfected their fighting skills and practiced Nonuse to perfection. Using the skills for protection only, they incorporated: stealth, sword play, bow & arrows, projectile weapons, poison and generally speaking kick ass fighting skills.

Later, around 794 A.D. the wealthy regularly feuded and required intelligence and assassination of their detractors. The Ninja was born. His skill and exactness desired. Ninjas flourished and legendary figures were born. Ninjas brought justice to an otherwise unjust world.

Today, over a millenium later, there is still a need for Nonuse. Life and death is by no means a daily struggle, but as someone famously put it- Life is entertainment and entertainment is life. Showing NCAA Women's Basketball on the big screen is a direct attack on your entertainment, and your life. Using Nonuse, by hiding in the ceiling of the bar the night before is just not an option, you'd miss too much TV. Using a Ninja dart to tap the channel button while hiding behind the Golden Tee machine won't cut it either, you have chicken wings cooling at your table. You must fight back, you must use... the Ninja Remote.

Use your stealth to control television (and cameras with the Ninja Remote 2) at: bars, restaurants, the gym, stores, doctor offices, hospitals, or hotels anywhere. Super easy to use, point and click! Use the Ninja Remote to prank friends! A cool gadget, makes a great gift!

Ninja Remote 2: Weaponized


Stealth, Spy & Prankster

  • Long range, up to 400 feet
  • Control virtually any HD TV
  • Control virtually any regular TV
  • Bomb a TV! Will change TV (power, volume, channel, etc) slowly over 15 minutes! I didn't do it!?!
  • Remote Jammer! Blocks other remotes
  • Take pictures with virtually any digital camera
  • Buttons on four sides!
  • Presets for 3 TVs
  • Buttons: jammer, bomb, camera, power, video, volume, channel, mute, light, number pad, enter, and last
  • Fun gadget
  • Works worldwide on standard or high def TVs


  • Long range, up to 400 feet
  • Take pictures with virtually any digital camera
  • Take awesome nature and stealth photographs
  • Supported brands: Nikon, Canon (RC1-RC5), Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Minolta, Konica, Kyocera, Yashica, Fujifilm, and Ricoh. Note: Not compatible with Canon cameras that require RC-6 remote.
  • Great tool or gift for any consumer, prosumer or pros camera bag
  • The best remote for your camera bag, period.
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries. Not included.

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Ninja Remote 2: Weaponized™
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Ninja Remote:


Stealth, Spy & Prankster

  • Small footprint
  • Control virtually any regular TV
  • Control some HD TVs
  • Master power, channel, volume, mute and video input
  • Super easy to use, point and click
  • Keychain included
  • Battery included
  • A cool gadget
  • Makes a great gift
  • Works worldwide
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Ninja Remote™
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